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 After owning the image for over three years I was able to identify the unit this aircraft served with. I was able to identify the unit by a long distant view of this aircraft for sale on Ebay  (not purchased). The Ebay image showed the tail markings of the 448th BG. Then I was visiting your excellent site (again) and saw you had an "Our Honey" picture - but it was not the same as mine, Honey was posed all wrong. Thinking it over and comparing the art work my conclusion it is the same aircraft but that the art work differs from the left and right sides.  The view  attached definitely says "OUR" but a companion image in my collection shows "Honey" inside her lariat.
We would welcome comments from any crew member or someone that knew the crew or relatives of the crew . Replies to this request may be submitted to any of the email addresses below :

David McCullough

david Mccullogh

04 Nov 04 UPDATE

Plane and crew is from the 715th Bomb Squadron, 448 BG

Standing (L-R)

*Right Waist Gunner: SSG Joseph Yates
Left Waist Gunner: SSG William Newell
Tail Gunner: SSG T.K. Murphy  *** Guy in 2nd picture with Mechanics
Nose Gunner: SSG W. Parks
*Radio Operator: TSG James McLaughlin

Sitting (L-R)

*Bombardier: 2LT Ralph F. O'Neil
*Pilot: 2LT Frank Genarlsky
*Co-Pilot: 2LT Albert A. Pempek ** My Great-Uncle
*Engineer: T/Sgt Paul Novichenk
*Navigator: 2LT William A. Ford

This Aircraft number is 42-50820, which was shot down on 6 November 1944 en route to Minden, Germany. (A gentleman on the webpage was looking for info on this crew, but his email link did not work) the men with asteriks before their name were on that crew, along with:

Left Waist Gunner: SSG Lewis E. McMahan
Tail Turret: SSG Albert P. Cole
Nose Turret: 2LT Alton L. Kraft

The plane took flak in the #2 engine, they jettisoned 2 of the 3 1000 lb bombs and turned towards England. Not long after, they attempted to land outside Billerbeck. The plane clipped a telephone pole and crash, setting off the bomb that wasn't jettisoned. The crew was buried in a mass grave. In 1949, their remains were brought back to the states and interned in Rock Island National Cemetery.

If you require more details on anything please let me know.


Cadet Kyle J. Hatzinger
USMA 2006


I saw this listing of personnel, and thought I would check it against my Master Copy of
US Army Graves Registery. if all the names were of the same crew...the final resting
 place is not the same for all. Since there were no service numbers listed, the names
that were listed at the orginal burial site were used.
Hope this is of some help.
Terence (aka F5G6 member B24bestweb.)
Interesting to note they were all temporarily buried at the same place prior to
transfer to permanent burial site's..their orginal burial site was:Nueville-En-Condroz
Cemetery, Liege, Belgium.
Cole, Albert P. S/Sgt #12228133
Ford, William A., 2nd.Lt. #0-717420
Genarlsky, Frank R. 1st.Lt. #0-886510
Kraft, Alton L. 1st.Lt. #0-702055
McLaughlin, James W. T/Sgt #32440514
McMahan, E. Lewis. S/Sgt #18182755
Novichenk, Paul T/Sgt #15323363
Pempek, Albert A. 2nd.Lt. #0-699905
Yates, Joseph A. S/Sgt #37502761
Final resting place "Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island, Illinois"
Orginal burial site was: Nueville-En-Condroz Cemetery, Liege, Belgium.
Parks,William J. T/Sgt. #14114961, final resting plane somewhere in the state of Alabama.
Murphy, T.K. S/Sgt (could find no listing,)
Orginal burial site was: St.Andre Cemetery, Evreux, France.
Newell, William R. S/Sgt #16035979, final resting place St.Laurent (Permanent Cemetery),
 St. Laurent, France. Plot "B", Row "7", Grave# "32"

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