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448thBGp Other Crews

Lt.Robert Mains Crew
715th BGp Crew 108
Crew 27 (Kain)
Crew 57 Lt. MacVean/ Lt Hurley
Crew 73
Warke /Floyd Crews
Mains Crew
CO 714th Sq G.Stringfellow
B24 our Honey
Edward W Cole 343rd
100th/303rd BGp B17
15th AAF Charles O Cole
15th AAF David Aiken
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Lt. Robert Mains was a pilot of a replacement crew that joined the 448th 714th Sq  in Sep 44.
Lt. Robert L. Mains (P)         Lt. Allen L. Lake (CP)
Lt. John B. Hankin Jr (N)     Lt. Jon W Johnson (B)
Cpl Charles E Culp Jr           Cpl Harry G. Allen
Cpl Charles H Daman          Cpl Frank S Merkovich
Sgt. Antonio Munoz Jr        Cpl Anthony C Villari
were the crew members.   (Changes may have been made)    
Here is some info I recceived on my father-in-laws last flight. It is tough to read but if you take time to read the article ED CHU was a tailgunner in the 448th and saw Charlies plane go downand thought for sure no-one survived. But fortunately for Chuck he was able to jump out of the bomb bay doors and get his chute to open about 2000ft above ground close but a safe landing even though he was captured by enemy forces. The surviving member was  Charles E Cupp Jr.
The above was sent to me by RIKISIN who's email address is no longer Valid. If she reads this or anyone happens to recognize her please inform me.


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