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448thBGp Other Crews

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715th BGp Crew 108
Crew 27 (Kain)
Crew 57 Lt. MacVean/ Lt Hurley
Crew 73
Warke /Floyd Crews
Mains Crew
CO 714th Sq G.Stringfellow
B24 our Honey
Edward W Cole 343rd
100th/303rd BGp B17
15th AAF Charles O Cole
15th AAF David Aiken
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Notes from the past. As I find comments that were lost on my previous Guestbook I will add them here.They will not be in order as to date posted:

William C. Richardson w4rcy  email  address no longer valid         He was a Navigator 714th BS Aug44 to Jan45 35missions
Cristine Ransom Micknaughski@cs,com  Any information on uncle, Edwin F. Handzlik, 715BS.KIA 11-22-1944 on 14th mission. I believe his B24 was"Shady Lady".
Stanley Zaborowski  Iwas assigned to the 448th as a tailgunner crew#41 and flew 30 missions without a scratch although 3 of our crew were wounded. I belong to the DFC association in Seattle,WA and hope to hear from others that were with the 448th. I am looking for info. on plane 41-28958 of the 448thBS.713th BS crashlanded near Herne,Begium on 02/27/1945. anyone that has any info please contact me.My web page is  Thank You.
Joe Falen  I am looking for info 448th,714thBS B24 # 42-50745 crashed Jan.13 1945. Any details would be appreciated. Also info on 42-50820(MIA 11-6-44),42-50525 "Don't Fence Me In",and possibly 42-50587 posibly named Happy Warrior(Force landed in France? 12-11-44. My grandfather test flew 49 B 24's. These were the ones that went to the 448th BGp.Thanks for any help or leads.
Paul J. Dereadt  Great History thanks for sharing and serving our country PJD former Capt,USAF
Bill McGuire  a great site full of stuff and I loved that Poem. Bill McGuire author of "After the Liberators"
Charles Stopford  "Cawn't Miss" was this the aircraft piloted by Jon Signleton and shot down April 1944 over Lille France


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