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Lt.  E L. Chapman Crew  34 713th BSq


Back Row---Left to Right

Lt. Edmund L Chapman (P)
F/O Julius I Engdahl      (CP)
Lt Cyril F. Coverly          (N) Capt. Coverly was OIC MATS C 124 Loadmaster Transitional Training at McCord AFB & PBAFB in early 50's.
Lt. Robert Feron (B)
Front Row
SSG William A Gauntney -RO; SSG Alberto A Bishop -LW Gunner;  SSG Kenneth L Hall -Tail Gunner; *see missions below]    SSGT Denzel F Stumbo -Ball Turret: SSG Dwayne H Aurand -Eng. Top Turret: SSG Robert W Funk- RW Gunner.

United States Army Air Forces

8th Air Force

2nd Bombardment Division

20th Combat Bombardment Wing

448th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

713th Bombardment Squadron

Crew Number 34

Aircraft Number 64477 Feather Merchant

Based at Station 146, Seething Airfield

County of Norfolk, United Kingdom

SSG Kenneth Leroy Hall, Tailgunner

December 24,1943 to May 31,1944


12/24/43 LaBroyne, FRA 5.0

12/31/43 LaRochelle, FRA 9.4

1/14/44 St Pierre, FRA 4.5

1/21/44 Ray-Sur Authe,Fra4.4

1/30/44 Brunswick, GER 6.6

2/5/44 Tours, FRA 7.6

2/11/44 St Pol, FRA 5.5

2/13/44 St Pol, FRA 4.0

2/21/44 Munster, GER 6.4

2/24/44 Gotha, GER 7.8

3/2/44 Frankfurt Ger. 7.5

3/5/44 Mont-de-Marsan, FRA 9.2

3/8/44 Berlin, GER 8.3

3/21/44 Berlin, GER 8.0

3/24/44 Nancy, FRA 6.3

3/26/44 Muyenville, FRA 4.7

3/29/44 Watten, FRA 3.5

4/8/44 Brunswick, GER 4.7

4/10/44 Bourgis, FRA 7.0

4/11/44 Bernburg, GER 6.8

4/13/44 Ober Pfaffenhoffen, GER 8.7

4/24/44 Ausburg, Ger 8.7

4/26/44 Paderburn, Ger 6.3

4/29/44 Berlin, Ger 8.5

5/1/44Bruxelles Bel 4.2

5/12/44 Boehlen Ger 7.9

5/22/44 Siracourt, FRA 4.1

5/24/44 Orly, FRA 6.5

5/28/44 Merseburg, GER 7.0

5/31/44 Woippy, FRA 4.8

Thought you might get a kick out of seeing my father's club card and bicycle permit from Seething AAF.  You might also recognize some of the brass in the photo.  They were waiting on one of the flight officers to come back from his last mission

Bicycle Permit


Comment by Webmaster--I recall being in the NCO club on two Occasions One with our crew the other a dance was held for completion of the groups missions at the hundredth mark or two hundredth I have forgotten .Truck loads of girls from a Naval Base at Great Yarmouth were in attendance. I recall promising one little redhead I would come visit her. I never did keep that promise.---- The bicycle permit I'm in trouble. I had a bicycle but I do not recall getting a permit. I left it with an English Lass that lived near a PUB I visited often in Norwich.The first time I met her I almost got myself into trouble because I demanded all present shut up and let her sing Bing Crosby's version of "Swinging On A Star". She was good. From that time on patrons requested her to sing when we visited that Pub.

Sweating Out Return Of a F/O on his Final Missiom
mack hull



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