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715th BGp Crew 108
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Paul C Davis crew 108

Crew 108 715th BSq 448th BGp

 My cousins mother, Uncle Pauls widow, passed away a few days ago.  I talked to my cousin
about her father in WWII, This is what I have now on Paul B. Davis.
-Born in Knoxville, Tennessee
-Married Frances Hill during the war.
-April 2, 1945 to 715th Squadron (Replacement Crew) 
2nd Lt.William O.Whetsell P 0835306
 F/O James Beadling CP T133671
  2nd Lt. Lawrence C.Taylor N 02069157 
2nd Lt. James E. Muenker B 0785206
  Cpl Roy H. Bassler 31328988
  Cpl Paul B. Davis 14159877 
Cpl William T. Hall Jr 18242578
 Cpl Robert S. Peterson 11139116
  Cpl Robert W. Putney 36645347
  Cpl William A. Sloan Jr 34657359
 -B-24 was named the "Wazzel Dazzel"  William Whetsell and Paul Davis
both had wives
expecting babies and this inspired the nose art.


Crew 108 Listing

My cousin loaned the second photo album to me, I'll forward the more
interesting photos to
you.  A nice aerial photo of the 448th barracks. (below right)
 I did make contact with the family of
the late Pilot Lt. William Whetsell.  The nose art (Stork) was inspired by both William Whetsell and Paul Davis both having wives expecting babies.  After over
60 years of no contact between Paul and William, both being from different parts of the country, the two
babies now live within a few miles of each other in East Tennessee and didn't know it.

Crew in jeep for transport



On the opposite side of the nose another picture was painted  "JUST  FOR CHARLIE"


My Uncle Paul Davis crew 108 additional will be added. Anyone knowing those pictured in particular my uncle please contact me by clicking on my name below

David C Foster


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